Wait, what?

Has it really been that long?  November?  Guess things just slipped away.  Life does that I guess.

One of the real reasons I guess is I have been forcing myself to finish the last book i was working on.  I jumped in last November trying to do the Nanowritmo thing, 50k in 30 days.  Well, I failed that.  I only got to 45k, then sat on it.

Then it lingered………

Until yesterday, I finally got off my ass and kicked out the last 6k words to finish it, as I had forced myself not to do anything else UNTIL it was done.  It is the last book in a trilogy so I needed to finish it for sanity’s sake.

It clocks in at just under 70k, and I really don’t like how I wrote the back third, but it’s done and I can fix it in post, lol, as they say in the movie business.


But it’s done and I can relax now, or start the research for the next thing, or pick back up on another project, not sure yet, but I will get there.

I may even get an excerpt of the new thing on here, just thought I would post after 8 months to show proof of life.

Tips for Wanna Be Writers……


Thank you for attending my TED talk…….

But seriously, that is all there is to it.  I could sit here and toss out advice, but it’s really worthless.  Far better writers and academics have done more than I ever could to help those aspiring to be narrative monoliths.

There is one thing I can say though, and it really won’t help, but maybe it will.  Read all the advice you can, then toss a bunch of it out.  The thing about writing, as I have found out, is that there is a lot of advice out there, but some of it won’t apply to you.  Some of it will be spot on, and some will work for you if adapted.

Like I don’t need outlines.  I have tried, they aren’t bad and can usually help for a little while but my stories like to wander off and write themselves after a while and my outlines are worthless soon after I start.  But that is for me, maybe you can use them and it helps.  Unto each their own.

Writing prompts I do occasionally when I just want to spit out words.  I can come up with ideas a bit too easily, thus me having like 5 things in the works at once. Again, some people need these to get started or to keep their chops up.

The few things I can say that will help anybody is, write almost everyday.  Even if just a few hundred words, it helps.  Use it or lose it.  Also become a pro at your chosen method of writing.  The ability to type fast, speak into your recorder with the words you want, or even handwrite as fast as you can think will make it easier when you do the deed.

If i couldn’t type as fast as I thought when I am in the zone, i don’t know I could do what i do.  I need to get the ideas out and on paper (screen) as I am thinking, because my way of writing is very fluid.  Again, it might be for you.  you might be slower and more methodical.  But even with that, you have to do what works and the last thing you need is your finger hitting the wrong key.  So familiarity with your chosen tool(s) is key.

And love it.  The one piece of advice or view of writing that pisses me off the most is when people say it’s “work” and “hard”.  There are parts of it that are.  I think editing, re-writing, and all of the after its written stuff is a pain.  But the actual process while you are creating the first draft should be enjoyable.  I couldn’t see myself writing if I didn’t love it.

And that last part is my one piece of disposable advice, because you might not love it.  But as long as you don’t hate it or dread it, then you might be fine.

Now that is actually the end of my TED talk…….

Just a taste please….

So new project.  It’s actually the third book in my Sci Fi Trilogy, this one, Margin of Error, should be done this month, but here is an excerpt…..


“Did it come Dad?”

The man walked into the house looking carrying a basket full of envelopes.  “I don’t know yet, I have to get to the table and go through all of this stuff.”  He made his way to the kitchen table and sat the basket down.  Then he took a seat.  The eager boy was standing near him almost fidgeting with excitement.

He reached in and pulled out a stack of smaller letters, then slowly looked at each one, pausing to inspect who they were from.  After a few moments the child grew impatient, “DAD!!”

The man laughed as he set the pile aside, “I was just messing with you.  It’ll be bigger, so it should be on the bottom.”  He quickly took all of the smaller items out and set them off to the side, then he pulled out a pile of larger envelops, document size.  “It should be rather thin.  Most of these are bigger documents, so you shouldn’t even have to look at them if they seem too thick.”  He handed part of the pile to his son and they started looking.

“Here it is,” the boy said excitedly.

“Give it here then.”

“I want to open it.”

“I’m sure you do Brian.  But I paid for it, so I get to open it.  Besides I want to see what

your actual GPA is.”

“I told you already.”

“I know you did, and most of the time I let you handle everything that concerns your education.  Except this is your first real degree.”  He took a letter opener and unsealed the end of the envelope.  Then he peered inside.  Finally, he reached in and pulled out three sheets of paper, leaving the thicker piece inside.  He looked at the papers for a moment.

“Well?” the boy inquired.

“I see an A- here.”

“Yeah, Shakespeare.  I really didn’t like the way it was written.”

The man looked at his son with a frown.

“Really Dad?  Over a dead poet?”

Then he smiled.  “No, I’m just messing with you again.  Personally, I just used Cliff Notes whenever I had to deal with him.”

“Cliff Notes?”

“Like shorter summary versions of books, films, or what not.”

“You cheated?”

“Not technically.  Besides, you’re a lot more capable than I ever was.”

“So, what was my final?”

“Let’s see, 3.95.”

“Aww, I really wanted that 4.0.”

“Next time?”

“Yeah, I mean I have to.  You wouldn’t let me have more than one major.”

“That would’ve added a year or so.”


“I wanted you done as fast as possible, so it could be today.  From now on you can triple or quadruple major if you want.”  The man set the papers down, then went to a nearby cabinet and pulled out a large box.  He set it front of the boy.  “Happy Birthday, Brian.”

The boy tore open the box and took out one of the fanciest frames he had ever seen.  “It’s beautiful dad.  Is it 17th century?”

“Good eye.  In the bottom of the box is some matting to help make your diploma fit.  It’s hard to try and find a nice frame from that era to match the size.”

“It doesn’t matter, I love it.”  He ran to his father and hugged him, “Can we put it in now?”

“Of course.”

Brian took the envelope and pulled out the fake parchment.  He held it in his hands and raised it to the window to examine it.  The “University of Chicago” was prominent on the top.  His eyes then moved to “Bachelor of Science in Physics”, finally to his name with the date next to it.  “Awarded this 15th day of July in the Year of our Lord 1981”.

“I liked physics Dad, but why did you want me to start here?”

“Because now you can get to work on the real stuff.  The computers that are coming out rely on the physics for the hardware.”

“But they’re not that good.  Ours are so much better.”

“I know, so now you get to work on your computer studies, and maybe some engineering.”

“Can I go to an actual school now or still from home?”

“Sorry sport, home.  No one would take you seriously on a real campus.”

“I know.  I just thought I’d ask.  He took his diploma and moved to the frame he had just gotten, sizing up what he would have to do to make it fit.  “Dad?”


“Can I get something more, um, fun for my birthday next year?”

“What did you have in mind?”

“I don’t know.  What do eight-year old’s like?”

Yeah I am a slacker!

It’s been about a month right?  I need to get back into this thing.  So, here I am to try at least.  I mean it is national Write a novel month, and I blame them for getting me on this path.

Back in 2016 I sat down with the simple goal of trying to write a simple tale of a dystopian future.  After not having written in over 20 years I thought I would have a hard time doing anything, let alone anything solid.  Now, I have one book out in the real world, and apparently it isn’t total trash.  5 more have followed and I am on track to finish number 9 this month.

Thing is that first NanoWritmo had me crap out 3 books….  Then I went back to school for a writing degree, now I write on a regular basis.  but there are times I slack, cause the motivation just isn’t there.  I always take a break after I finish anything substantial, which I feel I deserve, but  sometimes I take too long a break…..

I am still in search of a solid (and cheap) editor, because I have a lot of things to throw out there.  I also have been doing a lot of reading and research on style, etc and an idea I have about something kind of sweet.  One thing I will promise though fall all 5 of my readers, probably more like 2 after the long breaks, I will do a Tues Thurs update at least the rest of the month.  I know?  Regular updates?  WTF am I thinking?

I am going to cheat though.  Most of them will be stuff I have written recently and even what i am working on now, cause why not?  I mean I’m pretty sure most people don’t come here to see me ramble on about my thoughts.  but then again my thoughts are pretty amazing, a legend in my own mind and all.

The memoir might be coming to an Amazon near you soon.  Everyone that’s read it seems to like it, so why not let it out into the wild?  Also I didn’t win the contest that I entered it into, so might as well.  I don’t mind losing, the thing is it was for veterans of book length work.  The 2 that did win had like 8 years in the service total……..

Not that I’m saying their work was bad or anything, but I dunno I just have a different view of vets that never went to the shit zones.  Not that we’re overly special, just that we know more, beyond the violence.  It’s about the bonds and the actual mindset of those that go through the things we did, but I digress.

So, that’s it for this ramble…….

Remnant Free on Kindle!!!

So, just click the link and get my book fer free on the kindle thing…..

Starting at midnight tonight EST and going through tomorrow, and all that fun stuff…….

Remant free Thursday 11/7/19 on Kindle.

I will have some new stuff up starting tomorrow, but thought I would kick things off my tossing this up for all the loyal 4 readers I have.  Of course if you are, then why haven’t you already got the darn book?