It all comes down to this!

I am here trying to get my social media presence going.  I got the facebook page, the Tweeter, and now the site.  I think that is enough for me to start with.  I can’t see getting the instagram, snapchat, and all the other stuff.  I mean I haven’t even tossed a book out there yet.  Soon though, soon.

Then all of you can revile in the trash that my mind tells me to write.  It is that bad?  Not from what I have been told, then again it’s not like I am Hemingway or Shakespeare.    At the same time it’s not like I toss out drivel like Twilight fanfic disguised as actual literature.

I do hope to allure you with my other works and stuff that I can toss out here from time to time, but don’t hold your breath for any Pulitzer winning work, I certainty won’t.

The basic plan is simple, I will tease some chapters from my upcoming release, and from the newer stuff as well as give updates on other projects.  I will even put up random writings from time to time as well.  So just come back every ow and then and see what I am doing.

Thanks for stopping by.

D. Rowland

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