Feel the Action!

Just a small scene with some action from my upcoming tale:

When a pause came in the action, Jessica placed a charge on the door handle. Then her and Kenny went down the stairs. She pressed a button on her arm and then an explosion came. She quickly ran back up the stairs and tossed a container through where the door had once been. Then her and Kenny ran as fast as they could out into the street.
Just as they reached the street the entire third floor of the building erupted in flames. The grenade she had thrown in was known as a building crusher. If used on the first floor of most buildings it could bring the whole thing down, used on the top floor it would clear everything out.
The cadets that had been with Kenny were seeing to their injured teammate when the woman who Jessica had talked to walked by them. She picked up one of the weapons that had been set down on the ground. Jess saw her approaching, she also saw her raising the gun and point it at her. Jessica didn’t even freeze, she pulled her own weapon, raised it, and fired it before the woman traveled more than three steps.
The woman fell to the ground with a bullet wound center mass in her forehead. She was dead before she even knew she had been fired at. Jessica reholstered her weapon and was down by the side of her injured cadet asking for an assessment. Soon they all heard the arrival of backup.

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