Time Management and Sardines.

photo of raw fish on grill
Photo by Elle Hughes on Pexels.com

Random topics need random titles……….

I knew there was a scheduling option for the blog here.  But when I first set up the site I could only link to the Tweeter.   Somehow Facebook has finally let me connect with my page over there.  So now I can actually schedule posts here and reach all my other accounts with out have to cut and paste.  WOOT!!!!!!

Time is a thing I seem to have a hard time getting to use effectively.  In that regard this blog has always been on the low end, at least while I am in school.  Much to my detriment, because my actual writing has been avoided as well.  18 credits at the upper level is no joke.  The sad thing for me was that only two of those classes were actually writing related in a way that I could use the work I created in future endeavors.  I mean i did make a game for one class, that might be something later, but who knows.

So I will be planning out things now in advance I try to go back to the three posts a week, most of that will be excerpts and short stuff I have written in the past.  I will still try to do a random blog like this once a week, but since it is a writing site I feel that actual writing things will be the way to go.

In that vein I will be reposting the chapters from Emporium of Awesome here.  They will first go up on Royal Road, but hey they’re mine so why not get double duty out of them?    Just a side not, sardines are not a pizza topping……

So look forward to actual content.  I need to have a body of work available for anyone that actually wants to see stuff.  Just for hoots anyway.

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