Piles and Piles of Cash

abundance bank banking banknotes

Some of the stuff I have tossed up and some upcoming posts are works that I have written during the course of my pursuing a(nother) degree.  This one in writing.  I have a plan for all of these little excursions into short form, to put them together in a collection.  Like a book of prose for those that want less of me, or smaller doses when they are having trouble sleeping without having to absorb an entire books worth.

To this end I was going to cram all of these things and those to come, I have a Semester left, into said collection.  I was going to also out notes with each to explain how they came to be.  Not the original in some regards, but the rewrites or how the version you read, whatever I will just wing it.  A lot of times people read things and want to know the story behind it, or not, in which case I am doing it for filler.

For additional fun  I have also had dozens of writing exercises during classes that were never fully fleshed out.  I will revisit those and add them in if I need to hit my page mark.  Both because it would be fun to go back and see what I can do with the remnants of fast writing and to see if they can become more than just a toss away idea.  What can i say, I love a challenge.

This is also the only way I see myself delving more into non-fiction as well.  Yes I do have a memoir and a second one started, but those are not short pieces on specific subjects.   I am mot likely to write a lot of these from here on out, so this is a chance to do that.  Not that I am against essays and non-fic, but I prefer fiction more.  So why not mix it up?

One reason I want to include notes is that I was always fascinated by process and outlining mine in certain instances seems to be a place where I can help others understand the work more fully.

For more fun I am going to toss out some ideas for a title, comment on which you like or add some.

  1. Musings and Mutterings from a Hack Writer
  2. Short and to the Point: Things to put you sleep
  3. Ravings of A Lunatic: A Collection of the Asinine
  4. Three Cows and a Stick of Butter: Randoms Tales of Stuff
  5. Journey Down the Rabbit Hole: Short Stories, Essays, and how they came to be.

That is a few just off the top of my head.

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