Random Thoughts and Inclinations

white dices on checked wood
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Yup, time for another trip down the random road……..

Things that are new and intriguing, for me at least…….

  1. I am newly single (again)
  2. Being a single father isn’t as bad as the press would lead you to believe.
  3. Teenagers aren’t the devil (at least mine isn’t)
  4. Writing isn’t as hard as people would lead you to believe, but revising is.
  5. Things that are bad for you are really enjoyable.
  6. I really need to dive into a good book, or write one.

Just me rambling a bit since I need something to post in between my actual writing.  At this point I am finding getting back to full on immersive writing to be problematic at best.  I don’t know why, I have a ton of ideas, lots of things that are in various stages.  So I could get back into things with fleshed out characters, finish developing an idea I have already done the research on, or start fresh.  Just weird.

Maybe I have been under the shroud of constraints for the better part of a year and am used to the comfortable feeling of guidance.  Or I just might be lazy…….

I am hoping that my forthcoming holiday will rejuvenate me and get my ass back into gear.  When I put my mind to it I can kick out prose like a boss (quality aside).  Quantity is not an issue for me.  But you only get better by doing, and even if in the grand scheme of things I suck at this, then at least I have no where to go but up.

This is just me meandering at the keyboard while typing letters and trying to form them into a coherent mess.  Maybe someone will read this and figure out what the hell I am trying to get at, or not.  It could just be a shiny screen for a pet cat to look at while their master is watching TV and wants to distract the pet from clawing the furniture…..  There’s and idea…. a sentient cat tricks their owner to open the computer so they can have access to the internet to mobilize all the other cats for a revolution or something…..

This is how my brain kind of works and it worries me….. Or it is plotting against me.  Help? Maybe?  I will have to think on it, no, that is what it wants me to do……..

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