Back to the School!!!

As both of you , my loyal readers, may have noticed, I have shifted to a tues and thur update instead of the three of week I have been spoiling you with as of late.  That is intentional.  I started back to school on the 7th and have thus become inundated with stuff to do.

I am actually taking less credits than I was last semester, but alas i have an internship that requires 10 hours a week.  So my time is limited with all of the course work, which I don’t mind at face value.  It’s the mindless crap that goes with it, stuff that I deem as busy work.  Or even beneath me, not that I place little value on it, but as a middle age man going to school in a program designed for 20 year olds, it is worthless to me.

I don’t really need the internship because I have worked for over 20 years, I know how it works.  I have a descent place to do it at though, however, there is a class involved as well and that is just dumb stuff going on there, for me anyway.  My professor seems open to me adapting assignments as I see fit though, like my capstone class from prior parts.

I mean I am just getting this degree cause somebody said, hey go back to school and we’ll pay you while you do.  It is purely for fun and all that.  So, all of the mindless crap I will just have to put up with.

For example, for my advanced fiction I have to do three stories between 3000 and 7000 words.  On the second day of class I turned in a 6600 word one I wrote in the day between sessions.  I had some down time.  I did the same for my advanced non-fiction, that one was only 3500 words though.  I know, I’m slacking.

I am 1500 words into my second fiction story.  I write this while trying to figure out that tales next arc and taking a break from non-fic #2.  I will essentially have all of the main assignments done by the end of the month, at least that is the plan anyway.  Then it will be all revision and editing.

An added fun thing as well, is I have to do at least 500 words outside of the assignments a week as well….. I wonder if these could count?  I can do 500 words on my head and no arms.

I will stop ranting for now and let you get on with your day.

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