End of the Month already?

Where has the time gone?  Can’t believe we are here already.  Actually I can, I wrote this thing on the 13th.  I am making it a habit to get a lot of stuff up and scheduled at the start of the month, at least when I can.  I hope to do it just as general thoughts and supplemental thoughts to the stories I post preceding these.

I also want to post more timely blogs as well, those will pop up when I can though.  One thing I am planning is to make some changes to Remnant……. not anything major, just cutting out some crap.  Thing is I wish it was that simple.  Even adding a page to it means reformatting the whole stinker, and that kind of time I don’t have currently.

Some of the added chapters I tossed in before publication can go.  I was eager for the reader to get the world and added unneeded exposition.   As the second and third roll out all of that information is there.  So keeping it in means 1 of two things, I have no faith i will get the other two out, or I want to bore the reader as they reread the stuff from book on in books two and three.

Well maybe not book three, that one is pretty much balls to the walls action, and the longest, by like 50 pages.  I did have to tie it all up though.  I still think the ending of book two will really fuck with people.  I like taking the regular cliches and tropes and messing with them, which is what I am trying to do with a story I am working on now, can’t seem to find an angle that doesn’t fall into that category though.  i am sure i can come up with something eventually.

I am looking forward to getting some of this new stuff out to you all soon as well, as I get it work shopped in class I might toss it up here.  I might even have enough for a small collection by the end of school.  I should have like 8 short stories and 4 non-fic.  Not really a full collection, but a start.  I can always add my erotica, lol.  I am sure that would be a hoot.

I will sign off this time and let both of you get some sleep, or back to work or something.

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