Didn’t you have a book up?

You might me recall, all three of my readers, that for a short while I had another book out and even that I was posting the chapters of another here.  You would recall correctly.   This brings up a kind of funny tale.  Well not really that funny.  Just one where I brain farted in the case of the former and changed my mind for the latter.  For my memoirs I had up on Amazon for a hot minute, I had forgotten that I submitted it to a contest in February, so I took that down.  Who knows I might win said contest. I am sure I won’t, the version I sent was not the best.

The Emporium of Awesome that I had been posting needs work, I know it was first draft that all of you were getting.  Then I realized that I didn’t like the ending, in truth I never did.  I just tossed it in there to finish the damn thing.  I thought it was taking too long to get through with it and I was having a hard time crafting a good stopping point, so I just did one.

Having time to think about it though and re-evaluate the book I think I have one I like much better, that being said I may have to go back through the book to make it work the way I want.  I’m not sure, I actually have to go back and reread it.  Once that is done and the new ending it written, then I might bring it all back out. There is always the case of revisions then as well.

It can get sloppy when you have to go back and rewrite whole sections.  It’s one thing is an agent, editor, or yourself do it for the improvement of the story.  But I have to do it in this case just to be happy with the first draft.  Not as good a feeling IMO.  Whatever, it must be done.

On the plus side I think I might be able to integrate it into another book I wrote as a kind of prequel….  Ooooooo, do i smell another trilogy?  Maybe, which is fine because the one I was working on I could only think of enough material to do two stories, now I have three.  It’s weird how these things work out. But who cares in the end, as long as the tale i tell is solid.

Enough for today though.  Have a nice day.

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