Delays and sidetracks….

So I have been slogging through my latest (old) book….. trying to get back into the swing of things, but I swear when one has been gone from something a while it is hard to get back into it.  I have only managed about 5000 words in the last week and a half.  Getting sidetracked……..

It’s different when you are returning to something that you have at least finished the first draft of, but when you have taken like six months off from a project it is hard to get back into.  It doesn’t help that this is book two in a trilogy (maybe).  I was 80 pages into it last summer, but then stopped to go back to school.  Those 8o pages took me maybe three weeks, it was about 22000 words.  Now I am struggling to get back into the groove.

I have gone back and reread what I had to this point, it just seems I am lingering, not feeling.  I mean I cam still writing stuff, that little story earlier this week was something I tossed out, I am doing an essay now as well, about 1000 words into that.  Those require stuff like research though, so it will take a bit longer to finish.

Until then I think I will toss up a chapter or three from the first book in the series I am trying to work on now.  Thing is I don’t know if it’s because I am not feeling it or because it is the middle of the overall story…..  or both?

I had this problem with my first three books.  The first just jumped onto the page, the second took twice as long because I was meandering and not sure where I was going.  The third took longer the the first two, but that was more making sure of continuity and that all the threads were getting tied up, but at least it flowed.

I have this trouble with the middle of a lot of projects as well, even if just a story. You know where you started and most of the time where you are going to, but the path between the two is the hardest…….  Writer problems I guess……..

Well i would make this a longer post, but my youtube suggestions have a documentary on ancient civilizations waiting…..

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