I almost forgot

I took Monday off cause a holiday and all.  Then I woke up this morning and realized that I hadn’t posted anything here, and even that it was Wednesday.  I guess my mind is slipping, though if you ask a few people they will say that happened years ago.

I am now taking the motivation to put something up 6 hours late, just cause I like all 4 of my fans…….. I might be able to dig something fun up for you to read……. One moment.

Just some random set up for something I thought.thinking about doing:

The bar was open from noon until, whenever.  It was still the same one that occupied the main corner in town so many years ago.  He sat and slowly sipped his drink.  Normally he would have had two or three by now, but he was contemplating things.  He had left the small town so many years ago, too many to remember.  He swore he would never return.  But things happen to bring you back home when you least expect it.  This time it was a death in the family.  Nothing our of the ordinary for a person who had some.

From time to time it would require you to appear to pay respects, in this case it was his father.  He never really cared for him, but he didn’t mind the rest of the clan.  That was the real reason.  His mother was still around and he felt that he owed it to here to at least appear for the services.  The viewing had ended shortly before he arrived at the house of booze.  It brought up a lot of memories.

He had visited his father when his health had first started to fail almost three years ago.  He said that when he died he would piss on his grave.  Then the bastard went and decided to get cremated.  He was going into the oven tomorrow, or what was left of him.  He giggled as he thought of the odds of him sneaking into the funeral home and pissing in the shitty coffin and not getting caught.

He was actually contemplating the idea when he glanced across the bar and saw the other man.  He looked familiar, but he wasn’t sure.  After a few moments he just downed the rest of his drink and ordered another.  When it arrived he grabbed it and went over the person he thought he knew.  He was trying to figure out what to say as he got closer, but he didn’t have too.

“Is that you Mike?” the face said to him.

“That’s my name.”

There was a moment of silence before the other man spoke again, “It’s me. Dave.  How can you forget me man.”

Then it all came back to Mike.  He used to roll with Dave when he was growing.  He looked for a few more moments and it all clicked.  It was Dave, but a lot worse for the wear.  When Mike got done realizing how long it had actually been since he saw him it all made sense.  “Of course I do.  I’ve just had a few already and it might take a minute or two for things to click.”  He ordered another beverage and then asked Dave what he was having.

It had been a shitty day, and he was feeling low.  So a chance to relive some old times, some good times, seemed like the thing to do.  He sat down with his new drink and prepared to partake in tales of the glory days.  Not the kind that revels in sports accomplishments and honors, but the times that you almost got caught, and even some of the ones that you did.


The idea was to take the craziest stories from my yoot and others that I knew and make it a kind of flashback thing with two old friends meeting in a bar and recounting their tales.  A kind of fiction/nonfiction fusion.  But of course I would try to make it cohesive, but that is a long way off, first I have to get enough funny stories to work with.  That is always the problem with using real life as inspiration or even writing about it, you have to think about it.  Even if just for the idea.

It’s not like you can just toss it down and change as needed like fiction, nope, need actual preparation, even in the starting stages.  We shall see though.

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