Being that my first book will hit next week, I just picked a random date, but it seemed good, I thought it would be a good time to talk about what I expect. In reality I don’t expect much. If I can get a copy or two sold that would be sweet.

I have a Tweeter and Facebook page that has a few likes, I mean you have to start somewhere.  So that should at least get me a little exposure, not in the suggestive way though.  In a perfect world I will move enough copies to cover the editor(s) for the next book.

I think I find that keeping expectations low si a good thing.  I can cross my fingers and imagine a couple thousand copies moving, but the market is a bit saturated.  That is what Self-Publishing brings to the table.  More books, which is good for readers, and for writers that want to get their work out there, but bad for exposure.

There is always hope though, I mean Twilight sold a lot and bad Twilight Fan Fic got three movies.  I don’t know if you have ever read that, but it is utter crap.  How the hell can something like that even get published?  There is bad writing, slow reading, and other things that can make a book bad, but 50 shades does it all and even invents some crap.  So yeah, hope is there.

My stuff isn’t going to win awards but at least it is competent.   So here I am waiting to get it out to the masses and see where it lands.

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