Contest? Sure!!

Remnant is up and live for Pre-Order on Kindle: PRE ORDER HERE!!  In the mean time I have a couple of copies of the proof versions laying around and thought I would give one or two away.

That being said you can also get the print version now: Like paper better? Get this one!!  The process of linking the e-book and print version can take a couple of days, but when they do you should be able to get a free copy of the e-book when you get the print version.

So I figured anyone that comments on this blog, responds to the tweet (like, etc), likes or comments on the post to the Facebook page, even those that actually review the darn thing, will get a chance to win one of those old Proof copies, signed by me, cause I mean we all know it will be worth a lot some day.

I do have to confess though, these are older and missing four chapters, but the honor of having my signature should offset anything like that.  I will let this run till the end of June and them pick someone based on sticky notes with darts thrown at them on a wall, or some other random determiner.  This also means you can have multiple chances if you comment and/or like on the multiple platforms.

Just throwing that out there…….

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