Are you a Fantasy fan?


So I am trying to post to my Royal Road account every week.  This time out I put up a chapter from a new one I am working on.  It’s action, medieval style.  Here is the direct link: Fallen Stars II – Chapter 2

Or you can always just use the link at the top of the page to go to my profile page and see all the stuff I am tossing up there.  Be aware though that this is a first draft, so there might be some rough edges.  That is what I am planning on using Royal Road for.  Just to toss out ideas, like I did with the Magical Permutations chapter, which is pretty much just a premise.

I will also put up short stories and other things that I have dabbled with.  The goal is to post at least once a week just to get a flavor or what i can do out there.  it is also a good source for interaction and comments on my stuff, you know to let me know how bad it sucks.

The kicker for this weeks piece is that it is chapter 2 in something I am working on that is a sequel to a book I’ve already finished, well that I have written.  It is by no means finished.  I still have to go back through it and then have it edited.  If it moves along I might even put it out there before I finish releasing the City State Trilogy…..   Which I must say I am trying to spice up book II.  I might have to put something about funny little hats in it too…. (inside joke).

I still have that contest going too for another week to win a signed copy, YES A REAL BOOK!!, of Remnant.  Just follow me on Book Face or the Tweeter and insult me here.  Then I will toss all those names in a hat or something and pick one.  I guess if you follow me on Amazon as well I can do that.  Cause why not?  It’s not like there are thousands of fans yet.

Hey I am getting better at the writing thing, I promise.  I am not promising that it will reach the levels of prose of the masters though.  So don’t get your hopes too high.

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