Updates? What?


Well, my two readers will know, after reading this, that I am visiting friends in St. Louis for the week.  One of them writes Erotica….  um, good stuff….  He is hoping to publish later this year.  I will need a tall cold drink and the AC on.

The promo day for the book went well, I think.  A lot of free copies were downloaded.  And then there is the fun part of editing.  I just finished my sci-fi book, well more modern with a twist, but still.  Now though I get to do the first once over and do all the fun parts.  It’s not that it’s hard, just I like to print out each chapter as I write it (in case all my electronics fail I have a hard copy), but then I edit that paper copy and use it to go back and update.  Not very efficient.

I have also managed to write a bit more in my fantasy book.  I swear I was just going to do the intro for the darn thing to recap book one, but then it got out of control and I just kept going.  This means I have stalled on the Time Travel book……..

The trips are kind of throwing me off as well.  I just got a good routine going, then trip.  I get back home on Sun/Mon, but have to go to North Carolina the week after…..  No rest for the wicked?

Soon I plan on doing a catalog of all the stuff I got going on, writing wise.  Not just to share (I need content here) but also just to see it written down.  I have things scattered in notebooks, on various drives.  I need to consolidate and then figure out a game plan.  All these concepts, ideas, started stories, etc.  It just gets a bit weird deciding what to work on next.

Have fun, and a new short Story I tossed up over on Royal Road as well, link to my page at the top.

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