One of those weeks


I usually try to toss out some drivel twice week.  Sorry if I haven’t been doing that for all three of my readers, HI MOM!!!!  But with it being a holiday and all I have been preoccupied with family and fun.  So I am just dropping by to say hi and say I am going to be slowly rolling out the newest POS I have been working on over at my Royal Road page.

A time traveling nerd with a store.  If you could go back and get those mint in box Star Wars toys and sit on them for forty years, would you?  What i you didn’t have to wait those forty years?  So that is going on.  There is a bit more to it than that, but that’s the beauty of it all.  You have to read it while I am writing it.

It’s actually almost done, as far as the book form.  But I have other projects going on as well.  Also up over there is the second chapter in my Fantasy trilogy’s second book.  I still have to edit that…….  Oh editing, so much fun.

I still have to edit Book 2 of my Sci-Fi trilogy and prep it for release this fall.  As well as book 3.  Then there is the one I just finished about two weeks ago.  All fun and games until you have to fix continuity errors…..  That one is part of a planned trilogy as well, though I might slim it down to two books.  I don’t see it having enough material for a third, but who knows.  Sometimes when you are into writing it something just pops up and off you go.

I also have a darker toned story on my brain and outlined already.  As well as a hard science fiction tale from a different perspective.  So much typing ahead.  Anyone know of a good Talk to Text program?  Might make my life easier, though I do like to type for some weird reason.

And to think I am back to school in just over a month to try and finish this pesky writing degree.  The credential never hurts, and not like I’m paying for it.  Also if i keep up my pace I might finish three books this year.  I tell you what it gets a lot easier to do once you find your rhythm.  That doesn’t mean any of them will be any good.

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