What now?


I’m going to try and post two blogs this week for all two of my fans…….  This one is just a lot of rambling.  On the good note I just finished The Emporium of Awesome, the bad side, it’s not as cool as I had hoped.  I am posting the chapters over on my Royal Road page (link at top of page) one per week, cause why not?

The other bad thing, is what do I work on next?

I have a bunch of stuff I am wanting to work on, start, finish, etc, but I find that new ideas keep popping up and old ones are screaming to be worked on.  So far I have the following started:

  1. The Fictional Memoirs of a Jarhead in the Suck” – Tales from my time in the service….. totally engrossing, or not. I think I have about 30 pages of stuff so far. I am actually just doing stories as I remember them and am hoping to cobble them together in some semblance of a book when done.
  2. The Vengeful” – The second book in a potential trilogy. Fantasy based, four chapter in.
  3. First, Second, Third” – A Sci-Fi writing experiment. I am trying to do three perspectives from the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person perspectives. Yeah, fun I know.  I am about four chapters in to this as well.
  4. Angels & Demons” (working title) – So I had a cool idea and am trying to work on it, but the plan is to have one large story end it, but using short stories to establish world, characters etc. Not theological, but just using it as a mythology based on something alien.
  5. Murder by Proxy” – A psychological over the top thriller I guess? Not sure but 15 pages in, so there is something there.

Then I have a bunch of treatments:

  1. Small Town Murder” (working title) – A mystery based in a small town and false accusations.
  2. The Road Less Traveled” – About a wannabe musician that has a normal life, then gets everything he wanted.
  3. His Eyes Opened” – A man awakens to find he has incredible powers but no memory.
  4. The Bearers of Truth” – A powerful artifact can change the life of those who possess it.
  5. Magical Permutations” – What is magic was real in our world? I actually have this concept up on my Royal Road page.

Then there are the ideas that keep popping up:

  1. Retaliation” – Sequel to another book I finished last month.
  2. Soulless” – I have been watching too much Anime lately and had this pop up. Still a rough one.
  3. Revelation” – a contemporary sci-fi that could be a stand alone or even round out a possible trilogy with Wired Thoughts and Retaliation, not sure which.

Of course the editing and other misc stuff:

  1. The Apt” – The first book of my fantasy series.
  2. Wired Thoughts” – My modern Sci-Fi book.
  3. Emporium” – I get to wait for some feedback via royal road, but then again starting now wouldn’t hurt.

They key being is I need a few good days of solid writing, like 5K or higher to keep on track with what I want to accomplish this year.  I’ve finished two books so far, and should be on track to get a third in before the end.  I’m being greedy though and am hoping to finish four this year.   I want to make up for a slow year last year, I only finished one, but I am averaging three since I started in November of 2016 if we are just going from Nov to Nov, but I like Calendar years, which means I should be at nine by the end of this year, but I am just fooling myself.

I go back to school next month, and taking 18 credits, so good luck to me trying to fit all this writing in.  My real hope is that I can write some of my stuff for class, I am taking Non-Fiction and Fiction writing, so that would be a two birds with one stone thing.  Not using what I have already written but writing for class that so happens to be what I want to write.  Not sure how that will go over with professors, we shall see though.  Worst case I get some ideas and stuff for even more projects.  Cause all the ones I’ve listed aren’t enough?

Feel free to comment and tell me what you think I should be working on.

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