How long has it been?


I really like that picture.  And it has been awhile.  I had midterms in school, then did some stuff like finalizing a divorce and getting an internship for my last semester.  It just kind of all builds up and before you know it *POOF* all your time is gone. One thing I have been thinking about is instead of putting all of my writing all on Royal Road I will just put my longer stuff up over there in segments.

I am going to start putting the shorter stuff up here, short stories and essays.  Since I am doing a bunch for school, why not do something with it.  Worst case, all my crap is localized.  So I am gonna start doing categories so its easier to find all the punishment you want.

I figure if I ever get around to polishing some of the stuff I might be in the ball park of having enough for a collection or something.  We do a lot of free writing in classes, why waste it all?  I mean I waste my time writing this blog for all two of you, so a bit more won’t hurt I guess.

So I’m going to toss a couple more chapters of Emporium up on Royal Road to make up for lost time and an essay and short story here.  The latter won’t be regular things, just when I have them done, not necessarily polished though.  I also will have to go through and categorize everything as well.  So fun back end stuff as well…….

Life is always a hoot when you have things going on that you have no control over, it might even make for a story……someday.

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