I like being late to the Game!!!



Late again, I think this is going to be a trend at least for a while.  But I have faith that all two of my readers will understand about the delay in posting.  With taking 18 credits in school I get kind of swamped and have barely enough time for all of the homework, let alone my own writing and a blog on top of that.  But I have forgone my writing this time to just put something out for all of you.

Of course that isn’t entirely true, I am writing for school and a lot of it, especially the class prompts we get to spend a whole 10-15 minutes on might pan out to something more in the future.  So at the least they are good for the creative juices.  I have a couple of things that I have been contemplating that might make good tales later on when I have the time to actually sit down and flesh them out.

With that being said November is also creeping up on me and that means National Write a Novel month.  This is where I got my start almost two years ago, when I went on a spree I haven’t nearly even come close to. Over 150,000 words in 29 days and I got a trilogy out of it.

I just wrote 2 essays in a class while there, cause I didn’t read the instructions.  Now I have an extra thing for a thing I have yet to determine…….  Weird how just over two years ago I thought writing was so hard, I had flashbacks to when I was in high school and I fought to come up with words.  Now it is so easy, and I love it.  I am able to type fast and write fast and I have no idea what wrtier’s block even is.

My biggest worry is that I will never have enough time to write everything that I want.  I have 7 done so far, like 6 others in various stages and more ideas than I can shake a stick at.  I am hoping that the block never comes, but if it does I also hope to have enough on the back burner to get through it.

Well that is enough rambling for me today.  I have tossed up another chapter over on Royal Road (link at the top) to the Emporium draft, so go read that and have a nice day.

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