I swear I do want to keep up with this….

It has been a while eh?  At least a couple of weeks.  I swear I mean to write at least once a week on this thing, but life just gets in the way.  I am taking 18 credits in school for this writing degree and it’s kinda killing me.  I also just finalized a divorce and am now the proud single parent of a bouncing baby boy, well he’s 13 so there is that.

I have been neck deep in writing for classes, and revising, and rewriting…….  The short story I posted a couple weeks back was the first version of a tale I wove for my fiction class.  The new version is totally different, and apparently I need to give it a third go.  Not a total rewrite this time , but I will eventually post versions 2 and 3 so all two of my readers can see the difference.

I will say it is kind of cool that I am able to take the same concept and deliver it in three distinct manners, but I guess that is why I am going to school.  I also had to do my capstone project for my capstone class…… That was a hoot and write a magazine feature article and a 12 page essay for my non-fiction.  All while trying to learn linguistics and programming, which is kicking my ass.  I get the material but I need a lot of time for it to stick.  I wish I could just write a book or two and get the damn credits I need for it.

How sad is that?  I would rather toss 60k words down in book form than take computer programming?  I haven’t done that since high school.  So its been a hot minute.  Anyway, I am tossing three chapters of Emporium up over on Royal Road for you to read and talk bad about me.  I have to be honest on this one though, I am not a fan of the ending of that book. This is just the first draft though and it was written in under two months, so be a little sensitive to me.  I would love feedback on how to make it a little better, or I might think of something myself, eventually when I get a moment to breath.

I am hoping next semester, my last WOOHOO!!!, will be a bit easier.  I have 3 writing classes and an internship, so the homestretch will hopefully be less stressful.  I like the writing classes.  Writing is easy for me.  I think I wrote both my stories for my fiction class in under three hours combined, as 3k words each……..  Don’t hate me because I can write a lot.  I make no claims as to the quality though.  My grades shall tell though…….

Anyway I will wander off now and let you back to your day, or to read my other drivel, your choice.  I promise to TRY to be more regular at posting.  I need to.

On a side note, when I can get to it I need to change the banner.  Inheritance will not be coming out this fall like I had planned…..  sorry about that.  It still needs work and I don’t have time.  Plus I am thinking of putting out the memoir before that.  But no time for anything.  I finally got a little time last weekend to write for myself a bit and I started something new instead of trying to edit one of the finished books or working on The redeemed, which is about 100 pages in and lying in limbo……

Yeah I can’t seem to multitask, but I swear I can I just don’t have the time.  Plus I am getting ready for my State Tournament with the card game I play.  Don’t judge, I play one day a week, that’s the only break I take from school and life in general. I hven’t even made my board game designers meetup in a month.  You know how hard it is for a nerd to miss his hobby dates?   It’s okay though, I haven’t really worked on any of my prototypes anyway.  But the new project is a follow up to the Marin memoir, this time all the nerd stuff.

Yes I feel as though all my nerdiness and adventures are enough for a whole book…….. a short one granted, but still.  We shall see.  Then again I have like 8 other books I am working on as well, or have started.  I plan to finish them all eventually.  First I have to get this school thing done. I was thinking of going on to grad school to get an MFA, but I’m not sure 2 to 3 more years of school is what I need.  I already have 2 masters degrees gathering dust…….

Anywho, this has gone on long enough.  Go check out the new chapters on Royal Road and tell me how bad they are.

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