Alien Abduction and Side notes.

Yes I am alive, contrary to popular belief, not that anyone cares.  maybe one of my two readers.  That being said the real reason was it was the end of the semester, or like the middle of it since my last post.  In any case there was a ton of stuff due or becoming due and I felt a need to prioritize what I was doing, and in the grand scheme of things this little exercise in vanity ranked lowest.  Sorry about that.

On the bright side I have a bunch of stuff I might/will post here that is actually writing related.  That will make for something besides my ramblings.  So in that regard we are good.  I netted two shorts stories and some essay that I have assembled from a couple of the classes that I was taking.  The rest of the classes were kind of worthless in my opinion.

Don’t get me wrong I see their value for a 20 year old that still is trying to figure out life.  but as a middle age single father going back to school to try and learn something more about a thing that he likes to do, they were just a way to get more money for the school that could care less about veterans and/or older learners.  its about the dollar.  This is a good transition to the next thing too……

I will still be posting additional chapters to Emporium over at Royal Road, but there is a caveat now…..  I had an inspiration to totally change the ending.  This is good and bad I guess.  Good in the regard that current ending is the end of the story.  Plain and simple.  The new one opens it up for additional stories in that world, which upon reflecting over I can see potentially being a nice place to go and revisit and do some subversion on Sci Fi Tropes as well…..  Like my original trilogy I wrote and just tossed shit aside.  The bad news being, that means that at about chapter 35 I will not post anymore unless I have the new ending worked out by then.

That is the problem with writing, you never know how long something is going to take.   Which is the thing about this blog as well……..

Until next time.

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