What the Hell, ya only live once!!!

I was tinkering with some of my other writing and decided to wrap up one I had been working on for a while……

The Fictitious Memoirs of a Jarhead in the Suck.

The is my memoir from when i was in the Marines.  Its short, just over 200 pages.  I finished it last summer and it’s been sitting around doing nothing for a while.  I got off my ass and finally scanned all the stuff I needed to put in it.  It just seemed kind of like a long ass whine fest without the “proof”, so I added it all in.

There’s no epic battle, or real lessons learned.  Just the stuff that happened (mostly routine) over a 15 year career and all that.  Sure there is a couple of exciting parts, but mostly just the changes to character over a decade and a half and all the people along the way.  It’s not going to win anything or get me that new house.  But It was cathartic in its creation.

Mostly, at least from what I have gathered from those that read it, it is something to show the average veteran that they aren’t alone in all the shit they have gone through, no matter how minor.  Most of the stuff that is out there about vets has to do with valor, important battles, all that epic good for TV shit.  But there are at least 100 of average people for each of those.  They have stories too, I just decided to write mine.

A link will appear at the top of my main page to the Amazon page when it finally pops up, until then just keep an eye out for it (if you care) and we’ll go from there.  It’s just one of those personal things.

On an odd note, I might have enough drivel for a short story collection soon…….  I mean once the semesters over and I graduate I should have a load of crap to toss together, assuming I get a B or better on it.  I won’t subject anyone to my “average” stuff.  or I just might submit is all over the web and freak out people for no reason.

A non-fiction one could follow.  That will be a lot sadder than my fiction.  I am still on track to finish ZERO books this year…….  I only need to do 2 to keep my 3 a year average up, but that was because I did 4ish last year…….  I can’t count either.

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