Weird thoughts and Stuff!

I was taking my kid to school today and we started talking about Rick and Morty.  I said I should write something about Amish Cyborg.

“He tried to stop the horses, but they jolted.  He was thrown to the ground.  The heavy load in the wagon made it worse when the front and back tire ran over him.”

“The ambulance arrived and there was nothing they could do except take him to await his death.”

“All hope was lost on him, except from one renegade surgeon who declared I WILL NOT LET THIS MAN DIE!!  Hours later Amish Cyborg was born.”

Now a man, conflicted by what he believes and what he has become must come to terms with his new life and a community that cannot accept him.

This is the story of how he overcame all obstacles and how a people grew to love him.

Yeah I get some weird thought.

Another one that came to mind, since it is warming up where I live and all the snow is kinda melting.   Isn’t rain melting snow a kind of environmental cannibalism?

I know it isn’t, but it’s funny to think of it that way.

I haven’t been around a while, even when i thought I was going to be able to just take a day or so a month and put a bunch of crap up for later posting, but alas life gets kind of hectic and here I am.  I am planning to do a couple of things for later, but no guarantees.  Its right after midterms yet before the true push of all the end of semester assignments.  The good news being this is my last one, so there we go.  I should have time to amuse all three of you in a month or so.

This one is short and humorous………  so enjoy.

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