I had a day off (kind of) from school and all that and I decided to redo Remnant.  You see when I put it up I added a couple of things, because I paid a guy to edit it and in hindsight cheaper is not only not better but really subpar…….

More of a mixed bag really, he had some suggestions that were good and some that weren’t.  I added 4 chapters to the book, two helped it, two didn’t.  But I had put off altering what I had put up for a LONG time.  I decided to leave the two that helped (DUH).  Those were more about character development and grabbing the readers attention.

The other two were about world building, but they were just pure exposition dumps.  A reader said it was too much detail.  Good world building is spreading it out or doing it in an indirect way.  Unless the reader REALLY needs to know it, take your time.  So I cut those and the prologue.  In all the book is 27 pages shorter……. wow.

Thing is all of the information in those missing pages are covered later or in books 2 and 3.  If I ever get them out then you will see.  Point is, no matter how good a writer’s fake world is, what good is it really if no one wants to read about it?  You have to have characters worth following into that world.  So I am going with that.

I just get into a mood when I have to do it all at once.  I guess it aligns with all the rewriting I am doing for school of the carious essays and short stories…..  Which I will toss up here eventually or maybe just put in a book form, cause why not.  Not like I am ever going to get a real book deal.

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