I got published, wtf?

I actually have a short story published.  I think I might have posted it on here a while ago, so just look under the short story catergory.  It was “A Brother’s Grief”.  Anyway it is now in print.  Nothing too fancy, but we all have to start somewhere.

It is just the Departmental Magazine for the Writing College at GVSU, where I graduated from, but still its something.


Page 34……  Again not the New Yorker, but I am happy with it.  I have been submitting to other various publications as well.  Most take forever to get back to you though.  I am accumulating rejections though.  That is a given in this business. Heck, one of my Professors, an actual published author, said he was about a 5-10% acceptance rate in good months.  So rejection is part of the game.

Then again after two divorces I can handle people not liking my stories, cause it isn’t as bad IMO.  I also have to waste a lot of time writing for all three of my fans.

Well just thought I would drop that, I found it exciting.  Now if only I could get a book deal……. ha ha ha ha.

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