The numbers are in!!! Sort of.

I ran a targeted ad thing on Facebook last week, Thur and Friday, trying to get Remnant out to more hands.  I had an advertising credit, so why not?  I also made the book free on Kindle with the hopes of getting more reviews, cause I only have two so far.

I am no expert on Amazon algorithms, but one would assume that more reviews would help direct people who like that kind of story to it.   One of the side effects though was this little gem:


Oooo, top 100 in two different categories.  Sure not the best thing in the world, but hey I will take what I can get.  I mean I could just sit on my ass and whine about how no one gets my craft and how I keep getting rejected, but why?  I would rather get my stuff out there and see what happens.

Things will only happen if you actively try to get them to happen.  I have known too many people who wallow in self pity blaming others.  Personally I would rather try and fail than not to try at all.  Sure my stuff might suck and maybe no one will like it, but at least I’ll know and never have to wonder.

I can’t regret failing, because I know that it didn’t happen.  I can regret not trying because then I would never know.  I get this isn’t for everyone, most people are scared of rejection and failure.  I have no such problems.  If I fail and can’t come back, then I move on tot he next thing.  It was store owner first, then game designer, now writer.

Writing is by far the easiest thing so far.  Most likely because its all me.  No employees and distributors like in a store.  No manufacturers or publishers like in game design.  Now it is all me.  I can include others, agents, book publishers, etc, but I don’t HAVE to.  I can go it alone all the way from here, based on my talent and drive alone.  I like that.

Just my preference though.

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