Does this count?


In the bottom corner of the picture my name appears.  What does that mean? I dunno really.  But one of my stories got picked to be used as inspiration for an art exhibit.  Cool right?

Here is a link to an article about it:

It was a story about desire that I had to write for a fiction class, then our Professor worked with another in the Visual Media Department and poof, stuff happened.  Anyway I thought it was cool

I am actively seeing if I can get the short story published in a magazine or something, but so far to no avail.  I even got an A on it, ok an A-, still.  There was apparently a lot of room for me to expand on stuff as well, so I am taking a stab at that.  Just another piece of my ever growing stack of stuff to write.

So far that 16 page short story has grown to over 70 pages.  It was pretty easy to add to it at first, but that has slowed down a lot as I have to actually think now.   Backstory was easy, since a lot of the characters didn’t have it in the original, so I added it. Now though, with new characters, and existing structure, and having to integrate it all is a bigger pain that I thought.  Not even sure if I can make it into an actual book, maybe more of a novella…..  we shall see.

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