Delays and Realizations.

A long time ago, about a year, I put out my book Remnant.  It was more of a do it or die thing.  You see I had written it about two years before and it had gone through several revisions. At the time it seemed like a good idea, and I still think it was.

It was also at this time that I got this blog, the Tweeter, the FB page, and a bunch of other things.  A stupid thing I did was say I was going to toss out the sequels to Remnant last fall and this spring…..  Let’s just say that didn’t happen.

One reason was I was in school, another is i didn’t have the time to try and revise them as much as book one.  I have also learned that parts of them are probably not the best they could be.  There is also the fact I have rethought the ending of the trilogy as a whole.

inheritanceTime is a thing, I just forgot about it, and here I am now trying to fit in too much stuff, as usual.   Trying to find someone to help with revising the 2 books, as well as rewriting the ending of another, working on another 4……. Life is weird like that.  I still love the stories contained in the pages, it’s just that I have to make sure that all (apparently 4 now) of my fans will as well.


See I even kind of have the covers from stock images……  I want better covers, but at the same time unless they are hard copies on shelves I don’t think it’s as important.  Just my opinion though.  I know a lot of things I get on Kindle I could care less about the cover.

I might actually put up a chapter or two from each of the books over the coming days, but finding ones that can stand alone as well as not give away anything too major is a key factors.

I won’t waste anymore of your time today.


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