Averaging one a week?

This is post 68, at least from what my stats tell me.  So just over one a week.  I would have loved to keep up at least 2 a week, but hey all that real life stuff gets in the way.  I am actually writing this one a say early, cause apparently I forget to do it in time normally.  The downside is that they can’t be as timely as I would like.

One thing I have been able to do regularly that I am happy about is a chapter a day in the Vampire story.  It isn’t amazing, IMO, but still better than twilight.  As of 11 days I have manged 10 chapters, 52 pages and like 16000 words.  So not too bad.  I didn’t technically miss a day, I wrote something else.  As long as I am averaging the five pages a day I am good.  Though I wan to get to a point where I am doing 10 a day, but not all just one project.

I have literally stalled out on the other two bigger things I want to do, but have spawned two essays and two short stories in the meantime in addition to the vampire book.  I do wonder how much farther along I would be though.

See I did a synopsis of the overall tale as a short story for school.  When I finished school I went through all of the files, etc and purged.  Apparently that synopsis was lost in the purge.  As hard as I’ve looked I couldn’t find it.  So I had to recreate the narrative from scratch and ya know it kind of pissed me off.

I am usually so good about keeping notes on things.  Hell, I have files and stuff for some of the games I designed over 10 years ago, but the book I want to write and did notes on a month ago, gone.   These are the kinds of things that can agitate creative people.  Misplacing and all that, which being messy seems to be the norm for most creatives I know.

Personally I am anal retentively organized.  From my sock drawer to my card collection.  I know where most things are most of the time and not one of those, I put it over by the microwave a coupe of weeks ago ways.  I mean anyone can walk in and quickly figure out how I have my stuff sorted and be able to find anything as well.  I even do the 2x a year purge of anything I haven’t used.  I like to keep things light in case I have to relocate.  Just a habit from my time in the military.  If it couldn’t fit into 2 seabags and a backpack, it wasn’t worth keeping.

Of course I allow myself a bit more space now, but the point still stands.  If I can’t load it into my car and/or a small trailer, it gets left behind.  Furniture is the main thing.  There is a thing called craigs list.  I showed up with a bed and a bookshelf to where I live now, and it has grown into enough stuff for a small apartment.  It’s great when you only look at furniture as stuff to hold your other stuff, including you.

Before this becomes a rant on the finer points of furniture and how people pay WAY too much for the stuff new, I think I will step out and let all four of my readers get on with their day.  I might tease you with another chapter from the Vampire tale on Wed.  Which is also the day I get to (hopefully) get my service puppy……..

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