The Spark

I don’t know how many creatives ever have it.  That idea, that inspiration, that spark, that just ignites in them a true moment of creativity that sees something come forth that manifested in their mind and becomes a real, tangible thing.  I have had it a couple of times, usually in the form of a short story or an essay.  Something just gets me riled up and I do it.  Most of mine have been a one day thing.

It has happened to lesser degrees as well.  I just have an idea that seems cool and I start, then it just spews out and there it is.  Again mostly short stories.  Like the Battle of Golden Hills I put up a few weeks ago.  That was just an idea from a conversation that i sat down and knocked out in a couple of hours.  Nothing amazing, though with some actual effort after the fact I know it could be polished to be fairly good.

But what I mean is the kind of spark that borders on epiphany.  I had that happen once so far.  In fact it ‘s what got me back into writing.  To be fair there was some build up and preparation, like most serious works.  The thing was though that when the time came for me to actually sit down and do it, BAM.  The spark.

What resulted was 60,000 words in five days.  It was by no means amazing, but that is what we all have when we finish the initial draft.  There has been polish since then, but the point being was that it happened and I would love for it to happen again.  The thing was after that initial spark, at least for me, it carried over, to a slightly lesser degree or it might have been the pure excitement of the original spark that just motivated me.  10 days after the first one I had a second.  Then 14 days later I had the third.

I had managed over 160,000 words, over 700 pages in 29 days.  The third volume being the longest.  I had an idea I wanted to write and with a combination of adrenaline, caffeine, and nicotine I was able to pop out a trilogy in less than a month, unless you count February in a non leap year.  I haven’t had that since, almost three years at the time of this writing.  But I yearn for it again.

Sure, I have tossed out stories since.  I think the closest I have come is my Emporium of Awesome which took about two months.  But I came to terms with the spark being a rarity and have since settled into a more consistent process for writing.  But in the back of my head that desire to just go on a tear and create to such a degree as fast as I did once is there.  Almost like an addiction, but one that can’t be satisfied with anything else.

It is good and bad, bad in that I want it so much, but also good in that I keep pecking away at the keyboard hoping that one day it will just kick in.  So, I keep writing down ideas.  Thinking of new things and drudging along waiting for the next spark, which might never come.  I have tried to force myself to go above the 1k to 2k I do everyday, but to no avail.  I have to have that urge to plop down more words.

Maybe someday it will hit me again, but if not, that’s okay too.

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