Long Weekend

I only missed two days this time out, WOOT!  I mean it was father’s day on Sunday so I had to make appearances, and there was beer.  We all know how that goes, even though I am not a big drinker.  But still fun ensued and I was not feeling too motivated on Monday morning.  As far as Friday, I was dealing with a new dog.

I got a service dog and had to start the bonding process.  He’s a nice looking boy and fairly well behaved, but he needed constant attention and all that.  Glad to have him, but a long road ahead.


It’s the eyes that get you though.

In regards to actual writing, I have still managed a chapter a day in the Magical Interdimentional Vampire story.  I just passed 31,000 words and 100 pages, so the progress is real.  I might even actually finish a book this year at this rate.  I have strayed to include a couple of unfinished essays as well, but I will get back to those (maybe).

That makes 3 “books in progress” I have, two at over 100 pages and another at 75.

The hard part is that the original short story I used as a basic outline for the vampire one I have now passed.  So, I am literally making it up as I go.  I have an idea where I want to end it, but the middle part is always the hardest, at least for me.  I even mapped out the first 15 chapters, figuring that as I progressed it would come to me, at least the basics of where the story was going.  But alas, it has not so i am trudging alone like a schmuck.

That is the problem with writing at times though.  One day you have an amazing idea and can type for hours, the next you are like “duh” and just stare at the keyboard, yet you have to keep plugging away.  Because once you stop, it might be hard to get back into it.  Each day at least 1000 words.  That is low IMO, only 3-5 pages, but it has to be done.

But being 20 chapters in and losing your way can be frustrating.  I do have the other things to go to , if I so chose, but I like this one and it is kind of a slow burn so far.  I just have to hash out the path to the ending and make it all exciting, then I think I’ll be good.  I haven’t written a cool action scene in a while and need to get to that again.

The love scenes are a bit more nowadays too.  I have always had problems in that area, so I am trying different things, we’ll see where that goes though.  I mean if the overall tone of the book is for younger audiences, I don’t want anything explicit. At the same time I don’t want some generic crap either.  So finding that balance, while not replicating a Harlequin scene is difficult.   Those are a bit out there anyway.  Hell, I might do a free write for Friday where I try to take a crack at one, just for giggles.  Let me know if that is something worth doing.

For now, I am just wandering around trying to get this story out of my head, chapter one is around here somewhere, I might put up chapter two as well.  Nothing too special, but then again nothing I write really is.

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