Make America Great Again…….. Suck start a Shotgun


I am going political, so sue me.

History, have you heard of it?

I just have to say from the get-go in this piece that if you are a Trump supporter, then go fuck yourself.  You are an ignorant piece of shit and should be put down.  The President is a fucking moron and should be impeached for his stupidity alone.  He makes W look like the best thing ever.  And by extension any fan of the new Republican party is an asshole too.

Now that the shitheads have stopped reading except those that want to get madder at being called out on their bullshit, I will take the chance to point out that I said supporters.  I don’t think those that voted for him are bad people.  I get it, everyone was sick of Clinton and all that and Trump was an unknown.  He said a lot of centrist things and might have appealed to a lot of people.  Even those just looking for a change.  Well now anyone with a brain knows better.

If you don’t know any better, then do us all a favor and go for a swim with cement blocks tied to your feet.   This goes for the new emboldened conservative party.  The days of respectable Republicans like McCain, Dole, and dare I say Bush are over.  Now they are the party of hate and oppression.  They want to reclaim the days of the Christian straight rich white man’s supremacy.  It is just that simple, and if you can’t see that then you have been brain washed by the propaganda.

I mean I hate to tell you white people, but you have lost all of the battles in the past where you tried to stay in control.  You still hold a lot of sway and you might prevail still, but history has shown you that you will lose.  Instead of trying to cut your losses and try to find a way to coexist and be peaceful, you continue to try and reclaim what you took by force.

Just to point out a few things, since you seem to have forgotten them.

Native Americans, the genocide wasn’t quite complete and now they have more rights than you.  Of course, you are still to oppress them and make their lives difficult.  Shame on them for living here first.  You killed them, you broke treaties with them, and tried to “civilize” them, but they are still here and fighting back.  History has shown that you are wrong and assholes.  Have they won?  Maybe not in the way most would hope, but the character they have shown compared to you makes them winners in the eyes of history.

The Chinese Exclusion Act.  They come here and help build this country and they you ban them.  Eventually it gets overturned and you rack up another loss.

This goes directly along with the Japanese internment camps.  Years after you had to pay reparations and issue an apology.  What is your problem with Asians?  Oh yeah, they aren’t white. Piss off then.

Don’t have a dick?  Then you get no rights.  Remember that?  You lost that fight too.  They are no longer your property and can not only vote but hold office.  The thing is you aren’t trying to take the vote from them or force their genocide, no you need them to make more white people.  Out breed them, the tactic of the Catholic church.  If they aren’t going to be the rich ones though then they can be the ignorant masses that vote for you.  No, you just want women to be property again, forcing them to be your brood mares.

I think that all of the anti-abortion laws show the true colors of those passing them. They don’t care. If they cared these laws would have additional measures to help. What about adoption?  Do you know how expensive it is? Why are there no provisions to help offset costs for people? If you are a middle-class family who could easily afford to raise a kid or two, you won’t after paying all the fees.  Those things could cost from $10k up. Make it less expensive and it would help.

Full on Sex education. Want less abortions? Teach real, comprehensive sex ed. Abstinence only has been proven not to work. This with cheap and easy access to birth control would lower accidental pregnancies by the boatload, ask Colorado about the success of this and look as Mississippi at the failure of the lack of.

The point being, I can’t believe that legislatures who are “pro-life” actually care when they don’t address the other things that would help lower unwanted pregnancies to even start with. And of course, once the baby is born, they could care less as well. If they were truly “pro” then they would help the whole way as well as try to make sure that abortions were never needed in the first place.  This is basically a way to relegate women back to being owned.  If not outright, then their bodies.

I would go on about the African American population, but we all know how you have treated them.  Slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, and everything else you can think of.  Now you just allow open season on them and keep pardoning the hunters.  Yes, their communities might not be what you think they should be.  But former presidential aides have gone on record stating that those communities were targeted with drugs and then police in order to oppress them.

I could sit here and tell you all about the things you’ve done to groups that are different than you, but you wouldn’t listen.  I have provided links to reputable sources for you to read, but that would require more than skimming a headline or listen to the Bigot News Network, yes I mean Fox.  So, you mouth breathing piece of shit I will continue on, to point out your small dicked concepts of being better than everyone one, even though you are nothing but a toxic piece of shit.

So, what if someone likes the same sex as them?  Do you?  No?  Then why give a fuck?  What consenting adults do in private is none of your damn business.  Most people are just like you.  They partake in intimate relations in their homes. Well, maybe not like you, you see they actually respect their partner(s) and see them as equal.  And they don’t care what you are, because in their minds you are free to love as you choose.  You are the one hung up on what other people’s genitals are up to. But if someone that is one of you is a pedophile or a rapist, then that’s fine, sorry I meant accused but you only allowed 1 week for vetting if any at all..  Yeah, Roy Moore and Brett Kavanaugh.

Then there is gender.  There are more than two you goddamn Neanderthal.  I am not saying that as an opinion, that is a FACT!! I know facts don’t matter to you, you inbred piece of donkey shit. .

Now if we could only get the difference between gender and gender identity across to you, you knuckle dragging feces slinger.  You might say it is mental illness, and I would take your opinion into account since you suffer from some kind of self-delusional complex.  Guess what though, the LBGT+ won, they can marry, but you are looking to take that away too.

Here is the news of the day.  Anyone who still supports Trump is essentially a Nazi.  Sure, get offended (like you already weren’t).  Most of the Nazi members were just everyday citizens like you.  It can be argued that they didn’t know about the camps or the death squads, and that is fair.  But they did know about the party’s beliefs.  The anti-sematic jargon as well as anti-communist and all the other hate politics.  You know Trump is a racist and misogynist, you know he promotes violence against those he hates.  So, like those Nazi party members that were just everyday people, you know what your party stands for.  The difference is that they didn’t know millions were being purged by that party.  You have the past to learn from and know where it can go.

That alone should make anyone that sees the similarities shiver with dread.  But not you, you embrace the hate full force.  I mean really, what does an immigrant (illegal or not) making shit money picking the fruit you eat have to do with you?  I’ll tell you, you get cheaper fruit.  They take the jobs you won’t.  Illegal immigrants are statistically more likely to obey laws than you, because they want to stay here.  None of this makes a difference though, because perfectly legal immigrants are harassed because of the blind hatred.  If they were asked if they were legal before getting harassed, maybe (and that’s a big maybe) you could say you are truly anti-illegal immigration, but since no one does then its just racist.

It’s called deflection, straw man, red herring, take your pick.  You are so dissatisfied with your life or the state of things that you need a scape goat and [insert group] here fits the bill depending on your brand of hatred.

How about another Nazi comparison?  Joseph Goebbels said, “The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly – it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over.”   He started the modern version of bullshit politics and the Republican party has mastered it.  Want to see it in action?  Watch Fox News (though CNN can be as bad at times) or listen to Trump.  He lies so much I’m surprised he remembers his own name, then again, he may not, he just has it printed on everything to try and sell and I’m sure the people around him can tell him.

The point is, if you still support him, fuck you.  He’s an idiot, and a fucking despicable human being, and so are you for still following him.  You are immune to the truth (as is he) and believe the shit spewing from his pie hole.

There is no benefit to try and reason with people that support him either.  If you can’t see that hating minorities and women is a bad thing, then you have no reason to you.  Facts are obviously not going to help, so instead I think just calling you names and telling you how fucking stupid you are is the best way to go.  You are already shooting others, hitting them with cars, mailing bombs, so what are you going to do that isn’t already being practiced by the hate mongers?

The true problem is that the other side is failing to do anything of substance.  They see the hate filled rhetoric as a chance to capitalize politically instead of what it truly is, a sign of how divided the country really is.  Being so impotent to the real cause while trying to scrounge for the table scraps of their corporate overlords makes them about as worthless as Trump.  Inaction is the same.

Some are trying, but they are fighting with their “peers” and can’t get to the real problems and even when they do call out the assholes with strong language, they are chastised for it.  Trump can basically tell natural born citizens to “go back to their country” and get away with it, yet when he is called a racist, those that do it get chastised.  That is how fucked up we are.

So, in closing.  If you are a Trump supporter, go suck start a shotgun and do us all a favor.  If you are not, then do something about the others.  Support a politician that isn’t a piece of shit, or run your damn self, or at least let those that are willing do the job they were hired/elected to do.

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