Where ya been, what ya been doing?

Like anyone really cares.  But in short been trying to work and write, with little success with either.

One thing I did manage was to finish the magical interdimensional vampire book.  Not the epic i was hoping for, but I think it’s alright.  The other things have sparked me to have ideas for other works while I decide what I want to try and do for my next project(s).

I am in the middle of a short story that was a spur of the moment thing and might even post it here when/if I finish it.  It is a journey into some kind of gothic erotic horror thing.  No idea, see where that goes.  Just the kind of different thing to let me know if I am able.  If it’s actually good, who knows.  I dabble a lot in areas that I have no real knowledge of.

There is also the two other books that are halfway done and just sitting there.  Along with National Write a Novel month coming up shortly, I have to plan out what I am going to do with that as well.  I missed the 2018 one and need to get on track for that.  I know that isn’t the best way to write for someone that knows they can, but I feel I can use it to get back on track.  2016 was the one that sparked my love of writing again and was the most productive I had ever been.

2017 I used to finish a couple of other projects.  I skipped a year because of school, but now that is done I need to get back too it.  I have only finished the one trilogy and have two others with a book or two done in them. Those have to be done and written, along with the rewrites I want to do for a couple of other things……  Just a lot of misc stuff I have to get done.

I wish planning to write was as easy as the act itself.  I’ve even done a lot of research for a couple of other ideas, one of them being horror, thus the new short story.  But a clear idea wasn’t present so i mixed it with some other genres, because why not?

There is also the contest I entered in Feb that was supposed to release the winners this month, and here we are in the last day of said month and I am still waiting.  I hate waiting.  I mean I have patience for some things, but when a deadline is given I expect that to be the case.  With no follow on information it’s hard to not be disappointed.  Not to mention that the book i submitted I can’t do anything else with until i know the results.

It was my military memoir, which everyone that’s read it says its good.  So yeah, I wouldn’t mind getting that out in the world, but its fate is waiting fro these results.  I mean even if I don’t win (which I doubt anyway), even an honorable mention would be good for a CV, cause writing is about accumulating lines on a CV.  It’s not like you can just toss stuff out and do anything with it.  I mean you can and might get lucky, but more targeted submissions is a way as well.

It was a contest for book length manuscripts written by veterans. It was the first year, I mean I only found out about it 2 weeks before the deadline, luckily I had something ready to go.  So how many vets write, are comfortable with submitting it, and have a book ready to go?  Not as many as open calls.  I had that going for me.  Now it’s just a waiting game.  Winning would be awesome sauce, but I have no illusions.

Speaking of that I am 10 pages into my second memoir. That one is going to be weird as I still have no real idea of where its going.  I have an overall concept of creating a sociological narrative through the eyes of personal perspective.  Sounds cool, right?  It usually does until i write it.  Then again I imagine a lot of people think that the summary of their tale sounds epic, but upon reading it falls short of the hype.  Whatever.  I can always fix it in post.

I think that is enough for now.  I promise to update more for all 5 of my readers.  Or however many since I am sure I lost a few with my last post…….

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