Hey it’s live!

So my book dropped on Kindle today, I had a few pre-orders so I guess I am a professional author now WOOT!!!  It is also on Kindle Unlimited so go read it there.

Kindle Version here!

Print Version here.

For KU ASIN: B07DKSC9DS, if that helps.

Hard to believe the amount of work that you have to put in to get one of these things out.  One would think the actual writing would be the hardest part, but nope.  It’s learning how to do everything, get the word out and all of that stuff.  Not to mention the editing, the rewrites, and more editing.

The writing was the easy part, at least the first draft.  It just kind of flowed out and manifested itself onto paper or screen, pick your medium.  I type it all out on computer, but after each chapter I print it cause I like to red pen when I edit.  Then I back it up in like five different places because you never want to lose something that you have put so much work into.

Looking for reviews as well, so feel free to go to the links above and tell everyone what you think.  I still have the contest going as well on the site, any followers on my social media will have a chance to win a signed proof copy I have at the end of June.  Read my previous blog post for all the details.

But go forth and read and enjoy!!!

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