The Review is in?

I mean I knew it wouldn’t take off like gangbusters.  There is a lot of content out there.  The key is to at least out something out there.  But I have moved a couple of copies of the things and here we are now.  I am not disappointed, I am actually good with the slow pace, granted it has only been like 4 days.  But 5 copies sold and some KU interest.   And you know what? That is fine.  But I did get a 4 star, and no it’s not from a family member.  To be honest I was thinking I would get a 2 or at best 3, so YEA!!!!!!  This was for reasons listed in the review.  Editing is expensive and I am bias to my own work.  But someday you might get a cleaned up version of Remnant…… one can hope.

It all comes down to if someone is willing to put it out there.  Do you know someone who likes to say they have a better idea? A better story? A better thing for a thing?  We have all heard people say they could think of something better, or that they had an idea when they see a device on TV or in the store.  The difference between them and the maker of that “thing”?  The other person actually did it.

I learned this lesson a long time ago when I was dabbling in game design.  I was an avid board gamer and always heard people that I played with, “I could do better than this.”  And I always though, well why don’t you then.  I wasn’t one to say I could do better, at least not a lot.  But one day I decided to try.  It took a while, I tried the big expansive games and all that jazz.  None of them came to fruition, but I finally made a little card game that was fun.

I even self-published it over on a POD site called  It is a cool place.  I even sold a few copies of that one, a whole 9 at the time of this writing.  But it has been available for almost two years.  So I knew going into the writing game what to expect.  The whole point here is though is that I did it, I put my money where my mouth is and did what so many others say they can do but never actually do.

You don’t know if you will be the next James Patterson or Shakespeare, but if you don’t even put your stuff out there you will know you won’t be for sure.  The attempt should not be made to succeed alone, in that sense I mean to sell 100,000 copies and get a movie deal.  The attempt should be for yourself, to show that you are capable.  Heck I would even say to put something out there before you even make a page.  Nothing elaborate, a short story, some poems, etc.

This will give people an idea of what you are capable of, and a back catalog in case you do hit it big.  So I will trudge forward with what I do and maybe someday I will have a decent hit, and if so it should also drive up sales of my old stock.  But I am publishing because, why not?  I like to write, I write for myself anyway, so why not put it out there and see how it does in the wild?  If I just wanted it to sit on a hard drive and be the topic of family gatherings then sure keep it to yourself, but if you are one of those people that think they can do better than what you see out there, then prove it, even if just to yourself.

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