Is once a week good enough for you?


So I have been not doing two blogs a week, sorry for that.  I was on a tear the last week or so with the project in the picture.  I just got into a groove and wrote.  When you get in that zone you don’t really want to let much else get in your way, because it is kind of rare to hit that 5,000+ word days in which it all seems good.

These are just proof copies.  I have actually written an additional chapter and rewritten another in it, but the first draft was done.  I like to edit a hard copy and I’m not a fan of Binders.  I did that with my last one, Wired Thoughts, and it gets messy.  I can get a proof copy for under $5.  It also gives me something nice to give to test readers.

I have to confess though that it did take precedence from my other project, my fantasy sequel.  So ya know, have to get back to that.  Just started chapter 8 with that and chapter 5 of my thriller.  So those are ongoing, one is at 11k words, the other is at like 6k.  Not that any of my two readers care.

I actually found out who one of you are. So beware, WOOT!!!!

Back to my finished one though.  It’s kind of short, but basically an autobiography.  I haven’t had the most exciting life, so not to long.  But the title “The Fictitious Memoirs of a Jarhead in the Suck”, was just too fun not to use.  So I rolled with it  and made it so.  On the bright side that is book seven done.  That’s the third this year, so I feel it has been a good year so far.  Sure only one published, but you have to start somewhere.

I am thinking if this one is low on the editing scale I might roll it out before Inheritance, but it shouldn’t delay it too much.  Just saying.

Anyway, new chapter from Emporium is up on Royal Road, link at the top.  It has a 4.5 start rating so far……..  That will fall as more chapters roll out.  But go and enjoy!!!!!

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