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Not a lot going on here, but still wanting to post something.  Well that’s it.  have a nice day………






Just kidding.  I can type and write about most things.  Though it might not be the most exciting thing.  I have just been jumbling about with various things for the last week.  I usually slow down when I finish something.  It has been a couple of weeks since I finished Memoirs, but after getting the proof copies I did some adding, editing, etc.  I was also thinking of adding pictures.  Someone pointed out that books like that should have pics.  So I have been looking around for stuff to cram in and where it should go.

I have also been working on fantasy book #2.  I am going with “The Apt” for the title of the first.  The second will be something like “The Redeemed”.  It’s not that I like short titles, but trying to come up with something that represents it and doesn’t give too much away is always the trick.  It will most likely have a subtitle, but who knows.  I already know the third book will be called “The Damned”.

That is always hard when writing, the middle, at least for me.  That is true with the stories themselves, but also series, trilogies, etc.  he second book is actually the middle.  I know there is enough there for a book, maybe.  But the ending, book three, I know will be more than enough for its own tale.

I also know that this is an area where I am not that strong, if I see a grand idea that can span three books, I have a tendency to spend a lot of time in book one developing characters, book two world building, and finally get to all the good stuff.  I had to go back when Remnant was done and add some action to catch the reader.  It’s not a awful thing as long as I am aware of it and can go back and polish it up a bit.  I will say that Book 3, Vengeance of my City State Trilogy is mostly action and the longest book of the three.

So I am weird like that.  I guess i will eventually get into the habit of tossing in some more exciting stuff as I go forward.  I have in The redeemed.  Only 60 pages in and there has been a lot of action.  It fits the story though, I didn’t force it.  We shall see in the end though.

Chapter 7 of Emporium is getting tossed up on Royal Road as well this week.  Go and enjoy it, both of you.

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