I been busy, so sue me!!!!


The picture is pretty right?

I have to admit something at this point.  The back of my book kind of lies.  You see I actually don’t have a Bachelors in Writing…….. yet.  I am actually in my Senior year and recently started back to class.  That is one reason I have been missing in action here on the blog.  I have a whopping 18 credits this semester and 15 more next one, then I graduate with the degree.  It seemed better to list it on the bio now than to go back and fix it later.

On the plus side, or more like the DUH side, I added TWO chapters to the Emporium of Awesome fiction over at Royal Road, link at the top.  So if you have been jonesing for time traveling nerds then go on over and check that out.  Besides that not a lot has been happening.  I have managed to crank out some more chapters in me sequel fantasy book.  Alas though there is no point to talk about it here since the first book isn’t even edited yet.  Silly me.

On the bright side I will be doing a fair amount of Non-fiction and fiction writing for school this semester, I will post some of it here as I go along.  Heck maybe some of you two might actually enjoy it.  We shall see though.

This blog is going to be a bit short because, well I have homework.  My updates will be switching to Tuesday or Thursday now.  Wed I have 5 classes, needless to say finding time to post here would be kind of a pain in my ass.  I will be adding an actual writing section here soon though, so look for that.  Then you can go straight for the good stuff and bypass this drivel.

Until next time have fun and read.

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