Back to the grind!!

Not even sure what to rant about today.  Just saying hi pretty much.  I should actually have some writing for your consumption at some point soon.  School is trekking right along and taking a ton of classes makes for little time for my regular writing.  Instead I have to conform to the things they want me too.  I think I may have found a way to capitalize on this though, not to sure on the details.  But it seems a waste to do a lot of writing for classes and then to never use it again.

Now I am just rolling over on a tangent.  But since I am just doing that then why not just go with it.  Speaking of school, I like to take my notes using a computer.  I can type faster than I can write and my writing is trash anyway, it’s like a drunk doctor with epilepsy.  Not to mention I have carpal tunnel in both my wrists.

Anyway 11 classes so far and all of them but one I just talked to the teacher and told them what was going on and it was cool.  This one though nope, not having it.  Now I understand policy and procedure, Christ I was a Marine for 15 years so I know it better than most.  Th e real kicker is that this is a computer class……..  And when I tried to talk t her about it I was told things like, “Writing is key to communication” as in hand writing.  Is it?  No it isn’t.  And as a computer professor one would think they would know this, between email, phones, and other tech hand writing is almost a dead thing.

The real kicker, to me anyway, is that she started stating that studies have shown that writing it, then typing helps with retention.  And yes that is true for my classmates, who are less then half my age, and the study is correct when looking at large groups of young ones whose brains are still developing.  I, however, and well aware of my metacognition, and having a Master’s in Education, getting told how best I learn by a computer teacher just annoyed me.

So now I have to go through the school’s disability resource service to get what I want, and I have never had to before because what I have wanted has been so minor that most people just say sure man.  Ahh, the fun of being treated like the masses.  I am not saying I shouldn’t, but when there is such a blatant difference it should be obvious to anyone that I don’t fit the mold of the 18-20 year going to college, and its kind of like DUH, so it confuses me when I am treated like that after making mild inquires.  That is another rant though.

On a better note, I am tossing another chapter up on Royal Road and all that.  So head over and read up.

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