I swear I’m trying!!!!



Yeah, yeah, another week I am late.  So sue me.  Both my readers need to get a grip on themselves.  I have been failing myself as well.  But there is a silver lining here as well.  I am learning stuff with school in full swing.  Will effect my writing?  I am hoping so, if we ever get to that.  Right now just a LOT of reading, which isn’t bad, but to be fair to my classmates, I have had more than twice the time they have had to read.  That is one thing about going back to school in your forties, all the kids you are around.

The system is set up to teach them, not you.  Which isn’t a bad thing, I have re-learned things a little and others things I knew have been codified, like when you hear a concept explained that you knew about but never knew the actual term.  The one class I see as a total waste of time is my programming class.  Not that it’s worthless, I mean used to program and this is bringing back a lot of that memory.  I forgot all of that for a reason though, there are sites like this that let me do it all without coding.

I am not knocking the class for what it teaches, just that I don’t need it, but the degree requires it.  The other down side is that it is a LOT of homework.  It eats up my time, like the time I could be trying to get this blog out on a consistent schedule.  The actual writing classes are fine, thus far.  I have actually had to write a little bit, but am restricted to like 1000 words or less.  For someone who can do 1000 words while dropping a duece I find it very restricting.

Now for the goodish news.  When I start getting this short blurps back I will start tossing them up here.  It helps to provide content and all two of my readers can see how I progress.  I am currently taking Creative non-fiction and fiction.  The fiction class is geared more towards literary fiction, so none of that flashy stuff I have wrote.  Speaking of which there are now 12 chapters over on Royal Road to read of Emporium of Awesome.

The most annoying part of school is the lack of time I have to actually write.  I had produced 70 pages, 22000, words in my new project until I started back to school and have had NO time to keep at it.  The lack of progress annoys me to no end.  I also have another idea simmering in my think pan.  I did a book on my time in the Marines, I want to do another about being a Nerd.  Sounds exciting eh?  Maybe not as enlightening as the other, but I have been a nerd a lot longer than I was a Marine and have covered almost every aspect of it in my life.  Whatever, its my time to waste………

I do have to say though my capstone class is turning out to be more interesting than I thought.  At first it appeared to be an exercise in self indulgent academia, but it becoming kind of interesting.  That being said I will have to wait and see how that rolls.  I am already a quarter of the way through the semester and I hope the last 3/4 go as fast.  The quicker I get through this the faster I can get to putting pen to paper all the time, faster.

That’s enough rambling for now, next time I might actually have some writing to share……

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