Stick of Butter.

So I don’t have a lot of time to day, but I thought I would toss out a simple little thing that I wrote in class recently.  It was just about trying to save someone.  But here it is and it a bit fun.

David just stood there.  He wasn’t sure what he should do, that wasn’t his first concern though.  The fact he had no idea what he was seeing was at the forefront of his mind.  You can’t react if you don’t understand the nature of the peril you’re in, or in this case the peril that Joe was in.  It was award to even see.  The overall absurdity of it would lend most to let out a laugh or a giggle.  Not for David though.  The magnitude of the sight was lost on him, but he knew enough to realize that it was a matter of life or death.  That is what prevented him from seeing any humor in what his eyes were revealing.

The first thing he had to do was to get his head around the events that were unfolding.  At that point he might be able to concoct some way to help his friend.  Until then though all he could do was stand there and stare, like a fascinated child at some majestic creature held in captivity in some zoo.  Like that child David saw the awe in a similar manner but failed to understand the subtleties, like that the animal was there against its will or that it would never be free again.

Where it might take a child many years to learn the truths of a zoo, David lacked the time.  He had to come to terms with what was happening or learn to come to terms with losing his friend.  He knew which he wanted to do and was trying to, desperately.  Joe was hanging on in the only way he could, that part was a minor relief to David as he tried to devise an understanding.  The problem was that the hanging on would not last much longer and that added pressure to David, who normally did not do good under pressure.

He thought all hope was lost as he saw Joe start to faulter, but then it hit him like a hammer.  Like a light he was into the situation as if he belonged there.  As he made his way through and to Joe he grabbed a stick of butter off of the closest shelf, and them a screwdriver.  When he got as close to Joe as he could he used the items in the only way that he could see working.

Just as Joe was about to lose his place, David grabbed him and pulled him back quickly.  Soon they were safe and they watched as the situation crumbled that had once meant death for possibly both of them.

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